the 9th and 10th Cavalry Regiments and 38th, 39th, 40th, and
41st Infantry Regiments.  The Infantry Regiments were later
combined into the 24th and the 25th Infantry Regiments.  
African-Americans from these units persevered through the
most difficult conditions imaginable becoming the most elite
and decorated units in the U.S. Army.  Highly revered by Native
Americans for their fierce fighting skills and physical
attributes, they were nicknamed “Buffalo Soldiers.”  African-
American soldiers accepted this name with pride and adopted
the Buffalo as a symbol of honor.
Bexar County Buffalo Soldiers Association
During the Indian Wars, fourteen
Buffalo Soldiers and four Seminole
Scouts were awarded the Medal of
Honor for gallantry.  

Sgt. Emmanual Stance        9th Cavalry
Pvt. Adam Paine*                24th Infantry
Sgt. John Ward*                   24th Infantry
Trumpter Issac Payne*        24th Infantry
Pvt. Pompey Factor*           24th Infantry
Cpl. Clinton Greaves          9th Cavalry
Sgt. Thomas Boyne             9th Cavalry
Sgt. John Denny                  9th Cavalry
Sgt. Henry Johnson             9th Cavalry
Sgt. George Jordan             9th Cavalry
Sgt. Thomas Shaw              9th Cavalry
Sgt. Moses Williams           9th Cavalry
Pvt. Augustus Walley         9th Cavalry
Sgt. Brent Woods                9th Cavalry
Sgt. Benjamin Brown         24th Infantry
Cpl. Isaiah Mays                 24th Infantry
Sgt. William McBryar          10th Cavalry
Cpl. Williams O. Wilson      9th Cavalry
1st. Lt. George E. Albee     41st Infantry
2d. Lt. George B. Burnett    9th Cavalry
Cpt. Louis Carpentar**        10th Cavalry
2d Lt. Powhatten H. Clarke
                        10th Cavalry
2d. Lt. Matthais W. Day        9th Cavalry
Cpt. Francis S. Dodge          9th Cavalry
2d. Lt. Robert T. Emmett       9th Cavalry

**Commanded Fort Sam Houston
Ready and Move Forward
Ready and Move forward is a short film about the
Buffalo Soldiers.
 Click here to view film.
In July 1866, the US Congress
passed legislation officially called
an "Act to increase and fix the
Military Peace Establishment of
the United States."  While the
legislative mandate down sized
the U.S. Army after the Civil War, it
also authorized creation of six new
military regiments of U.S. Colored
Troops into the regular  U.S. Army.  
These units were designated as
Buffalo Soldier History
Medal Honor Reciepients