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Senate Bill 1457 of the 76th Regular Session (1999) designated July as Buffalo Soldiers Heritage Month in Texas. The bill, authored by Senator Royce West, coauthored by Senator Rodney Ellis, and sponsored by Representative Bob Hunter, amended Texas Government Code Section 662 by codifying Buffalo Soldiers Heritage Month. Prior to this legislation, Senator Dan Kubiak honored the Buffalo Soldiers with a Buffalo Soldier Heritage pilot program for at-risk youth with House Bill 2031, 74th Regular Session (1995).

Sec. 662.101. BUFFALO SOLDIERS HERITAGE MONTH. Provides that July is Buffalo Soldiers Heritage Month in honor of the bravery and dedication of Texas' Buffalo Soldiers and in recognition of their contribution to the legendary history of the Lone Star State. Requires Buffalo Soldiers Heritage Month to be regularly observed by appropriate ceremonies and activities.

Added by Acts 1999, 76th Leg., ch. 478, Sec. 2, effective. June 18, 1999.