BCBSA Museum Project
The Bexar County Buffalo Soldiers Association
(BCBSA)  proposes a 6,500 square feet museum,
multi-purpose presentation facility.  This facility will
be located at 1602 Wyoming Street, about a mile
east of downtown San Antonio Texas.  It will provide
a full array of Buffalo Soldiers' history, displays and
presentations delivered on an advance multimedia
system as well as bookless library and support for
the local community activities.  BCBSA will facilitate
whole classrooms of students as well as groups of
tourists and visitors.  
Bexar County Buffalo Soldiers Association

We are very excited about this project and appreciate your kind and thoughtful considerations and thank you in advance for your generous support. If you would like to make a donation, please make your check payable to the BCBSA Building Fund and mail it to:
Bexar County Buffalo Soldiers
P.O. Box 10115
San Antonio TX 78210